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Lyfe is India's 1st clinically proven digital cardiac rehabilitation program designed to improve heart health and quality of life

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Built by Lupin Digital Health, American College of Cardiology's
exclusive collaborator in Digital Therapeutics in India

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Delivered by remote monitoring, increasing adherence and creating awareness

Reduces Hospital Readmissions by 31%1

Reduces Mortality by 26%1

Improves Exercise Capacity1

Improves Quality of Life1

Save upto ₹2 lakhs     in hospitalization costs due to worsening symptoms1

Cardiac rehabilitation is a mandatory recommendation (Class 1A) by all major
global bodies including the American Heart Association & American College of Cardiology2

Comprehensive care at your fingertips

  • Accurate, real-time vital data from devices delivered to Doctors and Caregivers

  • Alerts for off-range readings managed by paramedics at Lyfe Nerve Centre

  • 24*7 ambulance and emergency

  • Personalised diet & fitness plans by qualified cardiac experts

  • Dedicated Lyfe Care Manager to ensure adherance and follow-up

  • Psychological counsellor to provide emotional support

  • Expert guidance on recovery plan and lifestyle by a health coach

  • Education modules on disease management

Meet your Care Team

Health Coaches

Qualified nutritionists with more than 5 years of experience. They have knowledge & expertise in regional dietary preferences to personalise your diet plan.

Lyfe Care Managers

Dedicated patient counsellors with more than 3 years of experience. They speak your language and guide you on the treatment plan to make sure you follow the Doctor's recommendations.

Cardio Therapists

Qualified physiotherapists with over 5 years of experience. They create personalized exercise routines which help you improve mobility and functional capacity.

Paramedics & Nurses

Medical experts with more than 7 years of experience working in emergency care at hospitals. They are available 24*7 to help manage your symptoms and triage off-range vital readings.

Remote monitoring made easy

Bluetooth enabled USFDA/CE approved devices

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

    Track BP Monitor

  • Glucometer

    One Touch Verio Flex

  • Pulse Oximeter

    FS20F Oximeter

  • Activity & HR Tracker

    Vital Smart Band

  • ECG Handheld

    MobileKardia 6L

  • Smart Scale

    UIP 50 Smart Scale

  • Syncs with

Cardiac rehabilitation has helped more
than a million people worldwide

Lyfe's scientific approach has helped*

Reduce Cholesterol

14 mg/dl

Reduce Blood Pressure

8 mmHG

Reduce Blood Sugar

6 mg/dl

Adherence to treatment


*30-day outcomes from an RWE study conducted by Lupin Digital Health.

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As his wife, I need not worry about him taking his Blood Pressure readings on time, medicines or for any ...

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Muralidharan K V

My lifestyle has improved a lot since I started the Lyfe program. My fear has gone away, which has helped ...

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Nasirudin Momin
You own your health data!

Lyfe is ISO 27001:2022 certified

Encrypted personal data

Only the Doctor & Health Team can view your data

Wherever you are in India, Lyfe is here to help

  • Lyfe is trusted by450+ cardiologists in India
  • Lyfe is helping patients in more than250 cities & towns

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    1. Bracewell BJ, et al. Cardiac rehabilitation: Effective yet underutilized in patients with cardiovascular disease. Clin Cardiol. 2022;45(11):1128-34. Canadian Journal of Cardiology; 29.10: S156

    2. Astley CM, et al. Remote cardiac rehabilitation services and the digital divide: Implications for elderely populations during the COVID19 pandemic. Eur J Cardiocasc Nurs. 2021;20(6):521-3.