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Lyfe, from Lupin Digital Health

Lyfe is India’s 1st and only evidence-based Digital Therapeutics Solution for wholehearted care

Lupin Digital Health (LDH) was established with a singular focus on resetting healthcare benchmarks through Digital Therapeutics (DTx).

We are committed to improving patients' health outcomes by using technology to provide care at all times. Through scientific evidence and Machine Learning, we are developing an ecosystem that improves the health and happiness of users with chronic conditions.

LDH has developed Lyfe, a user-friendly Digital offering that combines the best human interventions, scientific evidence and Artificial Intelligence.

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1 in 3 patients show poor monitoring, adherence & awareness post PCI. Global trials* shows 50% reduction in MACE & rehospitalization through monitoring, adherence and awareness*.

Lyfe is India’s 1st and only evidence-based Digital Therapeutics Solution for wholehearted care.

* by Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic and the Poland National Health Fund

Lyfe provides whole-hearted care from the ecosystem of your Cardiologist and our Health Coaches, Care Managers and globally certified Connected Devices, to help you with your cardiac disease or on your recovery path post a cardiac event.

Lyfe is all about keeping vital connections alive. The vital connection between you and your treating cardiologist, you and your preferred cardiac centre, you and our coaches and ultimately, you and your heart.

Why Lupin Digital Health?

1 in 5 patients is at risk of a cardiac event and requires constant monitoring of heart health, awareness and adherence to doctors' advice. We provide entire care support to ensure better health post-heart attack or high-risk cardiac disease.

How can Lyfe help you?

An entire team of experts work together to ensure better heart health.

Get what you need

Personalized risk management plan – To manage your condition better

Get continuous visibility – Of your heart health

Continuous guidance – From experts on care plans to be on track

Be Worry free - Reduce stress & anxiety for you & your family

Personalized care by your Cardiologist

To customise your therapy over time and keep track of your heart health

Teleconsultations and chat channel

Scheduled follow-ups and appointments (online and in clinic visit)

You get globally certified smart devices

To help doctors and Lyfe Care Managers track your heart health

Dedicated Lyfe Care Managers

To provide counselling and guidance for any technical help you may need

Timely alert for out-of-range readings

Coordination with doctor and caregiver when needed

Health coach involvement

Periodic sessions with your health coach on a personalized diet and exercise plan

Continuous learning sessions based on your heart health condition

Caregiver involvement

Your loved ones can now monitor your health

Equipped with vital information, your caregiver can take corrective measures to prevent cardiac episodes

Get the assistance you need for your heart health

24X7 Emergency Service
  • Auto-triggered SOS that activates emergency protocol
  • Get an ambulance at your doorstep when you need it
  • Ambulances equipped to handle cardiac events
Health Mall
  • Set reminders, and order medicines with attractive discounts, delivered to your doorstep
  • Order timely lab test from accredited labs, with the best offers
Live Teleconsult
  • Live sync of readings from your devices with your cardiologist’s app
  • Get feedback from your cardiologist on your reports and any symptoms

"The entire system is very simple, and the guidance which I got from the technical support staff was fantastic."

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