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More than 200 cardiologists use Lyfe for their patients

Lyfe is India’s 1st and only evidence-based Digital Therapeutics Solution for wholehearted care

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What do we do


1 in 3 patients show poor monitoring, adherence & awareness post PCI. Global trials* shows 50% reduction in MACE & rehospitalization through monitoring, adherence and awareness*.

Lyfe is India’s 1st and only evidence-based Digital Therapeutics Solution for wholehearted care.

* by Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic and the Poland National Health Fund

Lyfe is a remote monitoring system that provides comprehensive care for patients who have had Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) or are at high risk for Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) by closely monitoring vital signs, medication adherence, and promoting awareness of the condition.

Lyfe provides whole-hearted care from the ecosystem of your Cardiologist and our Health Coaches, Care Managers and globally certified Connected Devices, to help you with your cardiac disease or on your recovery path post a cardiac event.

Why Lupin Digital health?

1 in 5 patients are at risk of a cardiac event and requires constant monitoring of heart health, awareness and adherence to doctors' advice.

Become a Digital Pioneer. Get Improved outcomes in health and healthcare

Design a personalized program: You can see how a patient is improving the cardiac health and reducing rehospitalization rate and possibly prevent MACE.

Convenience and accessibility: Get case history and trends on the platform to take informed decisions in real time.

Predict & Prevent Heart Attack: Data driven insights and reports to improve the quality of care

Enhanced patient engagement: The education and coaching support as per doctor to improve awareness & adherence to doctor’s treatment regime

Case Study: Patient journey on Lyfe Program

The patient has completed 9 weeks in the program with high call adherence (100%) and high task adherence (91%) and a few alerts which were responded by our team.


The patient was given the BP monitor, Activity tracker and Oximeter.

The patient was introduced to the program- mobile app and the health coach and care manager.


Assisted with tasks, reminders, nudges on the app & the care manager calls, the patient has maintained 90-100% adherence across all 9 weeks of engagement.


The patient's queries around types of exercise, diet plans, sexual activity etc, were answered by professional health coaches.


The patient has given multiple feedback during his engagement journey:

  • Heart disease specific diet & healthy coaching are very helpful
  • The monitoring devices automatically sync to make the experience better.
  • Reminders are very useful to keep track of medicines and tasks, etc.
￲Monitor alerts

The patient was remotely monitored for any off range vitals e.g. Red BP alert - care manager got the doctor and the patient connected. Doctor asked the patient to visit.


The patient has personally reported the program to be helping his recovery.

The patient has lost 2 kgs in 6 weeks with the guidance from health coaches and reduced the avg. SBP by 7mm Hg


The patient continues to adhere to the tasks.

Care manager and health coaches take regular calls to ensure a smooth experience.

"The entire system is very simple, and the guidance which I got from the technical support staff was fantastic."

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Lupin Digital Health participated in the 74th Annual Conference of the Cardiological Society of India (CSI); a four-day conclave held at Chennai

The theme for the conference was 'Look Ahead and Dream Big'

The speakers were Dr. Dipti Itchhaporia from US, and Dr. A Sreenivas Kumar, both well-known interventional cardiologists

Dr. Itchhaporia drew on her personal experience as well as her perspective as the immediate Past President of the American College of Cardiology

Dr. Sreenivas Kumar spoke about Remote Cardiac Care and presented practical case studies of his own patients using DTx

The session and the subsequent Q&As were well received by 200+ cardiologists and physicians in attendance.